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Shri. Sanath Kumar C.D. was born in krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu in 1952 which was more a village at that time. he was born in a cultured family. At the age of 2, he was attacked by polio, lost strength in his left side of the body.

He went through a lot of different treatments but everything went in vain. due to this, he was not given formal education. Being at home, he educated himself by reading all the books and newspapers he could get, without any plan.

deprived of formal education, being at home, he discovered a thought of starting a school for the needy and poor in the future.
he had a strong belief in all-round development in education at school level. but he had seen many schools were giving importance only for Exam Oriented Education, which did not impress him.

he founded a Trust and through it began the “Cambridge School” with 46 children and 2 staff in 1989.

He believes the mark/exam oriented education does not give any comfidence to the youngsters and he wanted to rectify it. he also believes that every child is brilliant, but they are not fed with proper education. Hence, shri. sanath Kumar himself, through his Educational Institution and Research Centre, has designed a beautiful educational system, in which

the Health Education takes first preference and second for the Total Personality Development.

Today, his Institutions and ideas are helping thousand of students across the country.

His Schools run in a very different way, as the day starts with Yoga and Meditation. Indian Culture is protected here. Children learn Space Research Programs through ISRO, Bangalore and also very importantly the value of agriculture.

when Dr. A.P.J. Abdul kalam was the President, he invited shri. sanath kumar to Rashtrapathi Bhavan and appreciated all the educational services he was doing and promised to visit his school at Krishnagiri.

Shri. Sanath Kumar moves around in a powered Wheel Chair with a vision.


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